India's First Nicotine Free Plan | 95% Success Rate* | 1 Month Plan Starts @ 1999 Only **

India's First Nicotine Free Plan | 95% Success Rate* | 1 Month Plan Starts @ 1999 Only **

Your Detox Partner!


for Addiction Free Life!

Qtox Wellness is India’s #1 trusted partner for those who want to quit smoking/tobacco and embrace a healthy life. 

Our motto is to offer tailored solutions to support your smoke-free journey.

100% Safe

Nicotine Free

Clinically Proven

FDA Approved

GMP-WHO Certified

Qtox Wellness Operation Process:

1. Book Your Free Consultation and Counseling Session

Our expert doctors and counselors are here to provide you with the detailed description of our plans and help you formulate your personalized plan according to your nicotine intake and habits.

2. Enroll in
Our Plan

Upon payment confirmation, a comprehensive consultation is conducted, followed by the dispatch of the Qtox Quit Smoking/ Tobacco kit.

3. Start Your

After the kit has reached you, our operations team will arrange an elaborate day 0 counseling session that prepares you for your first dosage and also structures a full proof quit plan with you. And your journey to a tobacco/smoke free life begins.

This structured process ensures that every patient receives personalized support and effective quit smoking solutions with QTox Wellness.

Success Stories

Trusted & Loved by India

As per Global statistics, about 80% of smokers/Tobacco Chewers, who attempts to quit on their own relapse within couple of weeks.

Reasons why people are not able to Quit any Sort of Addiction

We got you

Key Findings of Using Q-Tox Wellness:

Prepares your body and mind for an effective smoking cessation.

Over 95% of users either quit smoking or significantly reduce their tobacco intake habits

Cleanses, repair and protects your lungs from the harmful damaging effects of carbon monoxide (CO)

Alleviates any kind of withdrawal symptoms, like irritability and restlessness

Significantly enhances your quality of life according to the WHO standards

Safeguards your vital organs like heart, brain, lungs from the long-term smoking complications

Backed by extensive scientific researches and clinical trials

India's first De-addiction plan

Counselling + Consultation + Medication

Qtox - Your Detox Partner!
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How Can we Help you?

How Can we Help you?

  • Why Is It Important to Quit Smoking?

    Quitting smoking is essential for improving your overall healthy well-being. It lowers the risk of chronic diseases like stroke, heart attack, lung cancers and more. Moreover, it enhances your lung function and boosts your body’s energy level. Additionally, quitting smoking also improves your quality of life and ensures longevity.

  • How is QTox Therapy Different from Others?

    Here at Qtox Wellness, we don’t offer Nicotine replacement therapy. Instead, our approach combines clinically proven. FDA-approved medication with expert counseling. Our powerful medication kit is specially designed to help you quit smoking effectively. 

    Our comprehensive quit smoking treatment plan addresses both your physical and psychological aspects of addiction, ensuring you receive the best support and guidance on your journey to a smoke-free life.

  • What is the Best Advice for Quitting Smoking?
    • Set a Quit Date: Choose a specific day to stop smoking.
    • Seek Support: Join a support group or involve friends and family.
    • Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Consider patches, gums, or lozenges.
    • Stay Active: Exercise to reduce stress and improve mood.
    • Avoid Triggers: Identify and steer clear of situations that trigger smoking.
    • Stay Positive: Focus on the benefits of quitting and stay motivated.
    • Seek Professional Help: Consult a doctor or counselor for personalized advice and support.
According to WHO, more than 8 Million people die prematurely from tobacco use. As per our recent internal survey, 80% of the people really want to quit smoking, but they couldn’t do it alone. Many of them have tried multiple times but they’ve been facing multiple issues from craving to withdrawal symptoms. According to National Institute of Health (NIH) and America’s leading non-profit organization Truth Initiative, only 7 percent of smokers was able to quit smoking “cold turkey” (only with will power). Intensive advice from health professional increases the chance of quitting by 84%. Studies shows with proper use of FDA approved medication, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Contingency management (CM) tool can provide up to 95% quit rate. With Qtox’s holistic approach, you will receive all of these with great support and motivation.