India's First Nicotine Free Plan | 95% Success Rate* | 1 Month Plan Starts @ 1999 Only **

India's First Nicotine Free Plan | 95% Success Rate* | 1 Month Plan Starts @ 1999 Only **

Mayur Patel

Mayur Patel, R.Ph, MBA

Rashesh Patel

Rashesh Patel, B.Ph, MBA

Mahesh Panchal

Dr. Mahesh Panchal, M.D (PSYCHIATRY)

Clinical Consultant
Viral Patel

Dr.Viral Patel, BHMS, MHA, MBA

Clinical Operations Head

Rani Paliwal

Certified Fitness Coach
Devash Patel

Dr. Devash Patel, MBBS

Sakshi Rana

Sakshi Rana, M.A, P.G.D

De-addiction Coach

Deepak Mudaliar

Head Communications

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It's tragic that the smokers are averse from the surroundings and they're disliked and criticized by the society. As per our internal research, this factor leads deeper into smoking instead of motivating and shifting them out from the vicious circle of smoking.

Actually there are lot of unconventional factors which creates an easier eco-system for the smoker to continue smoking. During our survey, we came to know some interesting facts that 85% of smokers actually wanted to quit smoking but they had no idea about the process or the stepwise journey for quit smoking.

Qtox created the team of subject matter expert so that we don't leave any stone unturned for your quit smoking journey. This would be the 1st ever brand in India who shall be instrumental holistically for quit smoking program. Let our expert team be the part of your critical journey so that at the end of the tunnel, you can have a beautiful and a healthy life with your loved ones. Yes, you're not alone.

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According to WHO, more than 8 Million people die prematurely from tobacco use. As per our recent internal survey, 80% of the people really want to quit smoking, but they couldn’t do it alone. Many of them have tried multiple times but they’ve been facing multiple issues from craving to withdrawal symptoms. According to National Institute of Health (NIH) and America’s leading non-profit organization Truth Initiative, only 7 percent of smokers was able to quit smoking “cold turkey” (only with will power). Intensive advice from health professional increases the chance of quitting by 84%. Studies shows with proper use of FDA approved medication, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Contingency management (CM) tool can provide up to 95% quit rate. With Qtox’s holistic approach, you will receive all of these with great support and motivation.